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Latest News/Member Spotlight James Scott
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Member Spotlight:

James Scott

TiePoint-bkm Engineering

Posted October 15, 2018


The challenge of ‘keeping the lights on’ drives James Scott’s search for robust technologies and customized solutions for his clients.

A professional engineer with TiePoint-bkm Engineering, Scott has spent nearly eight years designing power systems for banks, insurance companies and other clients. 

“I have designed electrical medium-voltage substations in existing buildings. That’s been pretty exciting,” said Scott, an electrical engineering graduate from the University of Delaware. 

Often, the client site is an older building where 30-plus-year-old electrical systems have reached the end of their life spans. Consequently, Scott has to develop plans to retrofit the building with modern electrical infrastructure, including uninterruptible power supply systems. 

“It has been fun to brainstorm through different failure modes and ways to maintain up time for different customer systems,” he said. “A lot of my customers have call centers that need to be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of my clients are in parts of the country that are susceptible to storms and brownout conditions. So you have to think through ways that their electrical system can automatically respond to power outages and keep all the lights and computers on.”

He also has to “find ways to replace the existing infrastructure while maintaining up time and usability of the building so that people can still come to work while all this infrastructure that is needed to support the building is being removed and replaced,” he said.

Scott’s projects tend to be located in the Mid-West, Texas and Florida, so he joined MDSPE to “anchor myself in Maryland and get to know other Maryland engineers and learn about the kinds of projects they are working on,” he said.

Scott was pleasantly surprised by the continuing education opportunities offered through MDSPE and by the society’s legislative work. As a volunteer on the membership committee, Scott has looked for new opportunities for networking events and continuing education sessions.  As a new member of the MDSPE Board of Directors, he is eager to grow the society’s membership further and launch its proposed mentorship program.

“I have had some really good mentors over the years that I still work with,” Scott said. “Mentorship can be extremely beneficial to an engineer’s career.”





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